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Get the best of composite wood

Fiberdeck deck boards have been developed by the world’s leading specialists in composite wood.

The superior quality of our co-extruded range is essentially based on the excellence of the raw materials used, the high co-extrusion technology used and the remarkable reliability of the manufacturing processes.

A composite deck that lasts a very long time

Fiberdeck decking, fencing and cladding are known for their durability and stability.

Fiberdeck has more than 15 years of experience in wood composite to research and select the best technologies, the most reliable and innovative to provide ever greater durability and the best customer satisfaction.

The mastery of co-extrusion, that thin layer of polyethylene that protects the composite wood from stains and UV rays against any discoloration, is the major innovation that characterizes all our products.

Our material is waterproof. It is insensitive to weathering. It does not deform and keeps its aesthetics for a very long time.

The investment in a Fiberdeck product is the assurance of long term satisfaction with a very durable product.

Easy to maintain

There is nothing more natural than Fiberdeck composite wood for landscaping your outdoor environment: decking, fencing and cladding. It is an inalterable material that gives your home an exterior that is easy to maintain and is a pleasure to enjoy.

Cleaning with clear water without any detergent is sufficient. Unlike other wood composites, the surface of Fiberdeck material is not porous. Clumps of dirt, moss or other lichens can be removed with a simple brush.

There is no need to spend money on protective oil or paint. The color is stabilized by anti-UV additives which guarantee a stable and durable decoration.

Maintenance is reduced to a strict minimum. The original color is guaranteed for 20 years. This is the advantage of Fiberdeck composite woods

Our resources are not infinite. Raw materials have become a precious commodity. Therefore, we are very happy and proud to offer a very high quality product, manufactured with more than 95% waste.

All our composite woods are made of 95% recycled plastics and 100% FSC-certified wood waste. Recycled plastics, such as water or milk bottles, come from the sorting of our household waste. They are cleaned and then crushed to become our main source of raw material.  Only the co-extrusion surface layer is made of virgin plastic.

Finally, we attach the greatest importance to the traceability and control of the origin of our wood waste. They are FSC certified, as this is an indisputable proof of their legality.

Our co-extrusion technology allows us to offer a very sustainable product, but above all to use more than 95% bio-sourced raw materials